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If you are seeking to make a positive change in your life, you will learn the secret to eliminate stress from your mind and create a higher level of happiness and inner peace using our hypnosis CD program.

A hypnosis session opens a channel of easy communication between your conscious and subconscious mind in order to effectively, once and for all, remove those mental obstacles and affirm that it is time to change or enhance whatever behavior your conscious mind wants. 

The one thing we all have in common is the ability to control the thoughts that pass through our minds. The truth is that we either don’t use this ability or know the secret of how to master or change our thoughts. 

When we learn the secret of mastering our thoughts, we change our lives.  

It is said that the average person has approximately 65,000 thoughts that pass through the mind everyday. Often, these thoughts repeat themselves day after day, manifesting the same view of reality, attracting the same things to our lives again and again. This is called the “law of attraction.”  This is why when you struggle to overcome your problems, the problems persist. 

The law of attraction keeps attracting you to the mindset you’re trying to overcome.  

Although we have control of our “conscious minds,” (or so we think!), we often don’t have much control of our subconscious.  If our mind were represented by an iceberg, our vast subconscious would be below the surface and our conscious mind above.  Our subconscious mind is an immense area of stored information with infinite intelligence.  

If our minds were like a computer, the subconscious would be our hard drive and our conscious minds would be our RAM. We humans perceive and gather information continually either from our “conscious” thoughts or influences from outside suggestion. We often pick up more information than our conscious minds can perceive.  Our subconscious mind picks up and stores information continuously whether we are conscious of this or not. 

Like a virus that sneaks undetected into your computer, unwanted suggestions become stored into our subconscious.  

When the seed of suggestion is implanted into our subconscious mind, it is as if your subconscious mind is like the soil beneath the ground.  The seed will take root and keep growing underneath the soil and at various times rise to the surface.  You may recall times when you would say to yourself, “where did that thought come from.”    

If this truth has wisdom, would it not be wise to plant as many good seeds as possible until these seeds root and thereby take over and dominate the subconscious mind. The suggestions planted into the subconscious mind unconsciously keep reminding the conscious mind of what it needs to remember.

This is how real change will happen with no effort on your part. 

Our CD programs are designed to implant powerful seeds of suggestion into your subconscious mind.  Typically if you were going into a hypnosis session, the cost would be $150 to $300 a session plus the cost for each additional session.   
With the help of our audio CD’s you can repeat the use of the CD’s over and over again until you achieve the results you desire. 

We 100% guarantee you will achieve the results you desire.

Two things you need to do.

1.      Want the change you desire.

Use the audio CD’s.

With your decision to purchase our CD or CD’s you have made a huge commitment to yourself. Much more than you consciously realize.  You should know that even by reading these words you are now 10 times closer to attracting new patterns to you mind. 

To gain the optimum benefit from the audio CD’s:

You must find the right time for you (20 minutes when you can relax totally). Find a place where you know that you will not be disturbed. 

Twice a day for up to 21 days is best.  Many times one or two sessions are enough, but to assure your change is permanent we suggest constant use for this prescribed amount of time.

Do each session as if it were the first time. This will keep the effects fresh and effective.
About Your Hypnosis Session
Often we hear of hypnosis and we think of sleep.  The state of hypnosis is a simple heightened controlled state of awareness where you’ll hear every single word I say. The pleasantly relaxed state you experience will allow desirable suggestions to seed into your subconscious mind. 
Myths of Hypnosis
  1.  You're asleep so you won’t hear anything.  Some people think that when you are hypnotized you "go to sleep" or that you won’t be able to hear anything. These are also "movie misconceptions". You will feel relaxed, pleasantly so. In fact, you may feel more relaxed than you ever have, but mentally you will always remain aware and in control. The feeling is similar to that wonderful feeling you have at night or in the morning when you are between being awake and being asleep. You’re not fully  awake, yet if you heard an unfamiliar noise you would immediately come to attention to investigate. 
  2. You may not come out of the trance state.  As a certified hypnotherapist, I can assure you that it’s impossible to remain in a hypnotic state. It has never happened and it never could. Even if there were a power failure, which stopped the audio CD before completion, you would notice it immediately and come to full attention with no ill effects. If you become so relaxed that you fall asleep during a session, you would awaken in natural due course, feeling fully refreshed.  

Understand the power you have.

You are able to create anything in your life.

Hypnotherapy is recognized by:

The American Medical Association (AMA)
The American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Our self help hypnosis CD’s will help you achieve your goals at your pace in your time. 

More Power to You,

Bruce James, CH, NLP


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Self Hypno CD (5 Steps to Self Hypnosis)Self Hypno CD (5 Steps to Self Hypnosis)The two 5 Steps to Self Hypnosis CD’s will educate you on self help hypnosis while learning the powerful benefits of Self Hypnosis! The second CD is a real session introducing you to a hypnosis session that will teach you self hypnosis. These self help hypnosis how to CD’s will teach you the secret self hypnosis techniques that have help thousands attract positive change into their lives. Learn self hypnosis how to, anytime, anywhere and as often as you choose.
Meditation CDMeditation CDIf you are seeking to make a positive change in your life, you will learn the secret to eliminate stress from your mind and create a higher level of happiness and inner peace. When you master your thoughts, you master your life. We suggest you try the MEDITATION CD first. This technique will teach you the secret to mastering your inner thought process. As the thought process is mastered, then you will best utilize the power of the self-hypnosis CD’s we offer.
Stress Free CDStress Free CDOur Stress Free CD will teach you the secret of how to gain control of your mind when stressful moments arise. You realize that stress reduction attracts good mental health and plays an important role in reducing stress anxiety and improving your overall health and well-being. You will learn how to instantly snap your mind and body back to a calm perspective which will allow you the freedom and strength to face any situation you confront.
Smoke Free Self Hypnosis CDSmoke Free Self Hypnosis CDThe Free Mind Center provides quit smoking information and a Stop Smoking program to help smokers stop smoking. Recognized by the American Medical Association, hypnotherapy is the only effective, craving free and permanent way to become a non smoker. Hypnosis will help you quit smoking. Our program will teach you how to quit smoking with our Stop Smoking program. All you need to do is listen to our CD and follow the simple things we ask you to do and you will become a non smoker.
Lose Weight Self Hypnosis CDLose Weight Self Hypnosis CDLet us help you lose weight. Discover a new way to eat right, eat less, lose weight and feel great. Our proven Lose Weight hypnosis CD program has helped participants to change their eating habits and lifestyle forever. You will lose weight and feel great with no struggle or effort on your part. No drugs, no diets, just success.
Sleep CD (Cure Insomnia)Sleep CD (Cure Insomnia)Hypnosis is the obvious way to cure insomnia because it deals directly with the cause of the problem. If sleep disorders are caused by hypnotizing oneself to a no sleep state, it obvious that self hypnosis would be an obvious cure. The process is really to re-hypnotize you to know that there is not a problem with sleep. Give hypnosis a try today and you'll see how simple and effective our CD’s are to use.
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