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Self Hypno CD (5 Steps to Self Hypnosis)

Self Hypno CD (5 Steps to Self Hypnosis)

Buy today, change your life tommorrow.
Self Hypno CD (5 Steps to Self Hypnosis)
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Welcome, This is Bruce James. I want to thank you for interest to learning about the powerful benefits of Self Hypnosis! Self Hypnosis allows you to reach higher levels of satisfaction in your life.

Using this program you will learn:

What hypnosis is.
How you are hypnotized.
Where the best place is to experience hypnosis.

In addition - You will learn some of the latest research in nueroscience that substantiates the claims of hypnosis and most importantly you will learn:

The five steps of self hypnosis

This program includes two sessions.

Session One. This first session is devoted to educating you about hypnosis. Some of what you will learn will be like traditional hypnosis education. Some of what you will learn will contradict things you may have read or heard. Having hypnotized hundreds of people being a certified hypnotist I can assure you that I speak from not only an academic background but also - a practical background - based on real experience.

Session Two. A real session introducing you to a hypnosis session that will teach you self hypnosis.

You can never be hypnotized to do anything against your will - that is why you must accept the suggestions yourself.

While you are in a state of hypnosis you will automatically incorporate those suggestions that you accept. The Hypnotic suggestions will then bypass your conscious awareness and take hold in your subconscious. That’s the value of hypnosis!

Most people when they first begin to experience hypnosis wonder if they are really hypnotized. This is completely natural.

However, if you are follow the directions in the induction you can be assured you are experiencing hypnosis.

You might be wondering if you can be hypnotized if you cannot actively create suggestive images in your mind. Some people are more visual, some people respond better to sound, and some better to the feeling or the emotions behind a suggestion. You naturally will create the emotion based on the type of person you are.

Many people believe that while under the trance state they will be out of control or out of touch with reality. Nothing could be further from the truth. You see while you’re in hypnosis your senses actually become heightened.

Some people say, what happens If while I’m in a trance state an emergency occurs -- well if while your in a trance state some occurs that requires your attention -- anything from the smell of smoke to the call for assistance from your loved one -- your critical factor will take over and immediately emerge you from hypnosis and you will respond appropriately. Emerge means to bring you out of the trance state -- to a fully conscious state of mind.

If you’re driving down the road and deer pops out in front of you, you will emerge quickly and pay close attention. The same thing happens when you get caught up on a cell phone call and perhaps have a close call when a child strays into the street. You’ll instantly become attentive.

So you see there is nothing to fear about hypnosis -- it is a state of mind you will enjoy, a state of mind that provides us with tools for growth. Tools that will improve our lives, dramatically! All you need to do is do it.

During your trance session - You will become relaxed - but hypnosis is not sleep. . -- it is a special state of mind that allows us to by pass the critical factor of the conscious mind and program your subconscious to achieve your goals -- goals that are then adopted by your conscious mind without consideration or argument.

That is the real power of hypnosis. We by pass any need for will power -- by making changing at your foundation level -- within your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind will take the suggestions and make them a reality. It is the equivalent of loading a software program on a computer -- once it is in place --- nothing can change it until new programming is loaded or that programming is erased. That is also why you do not make any sacrifices with behavior change-- you will be programmed to simply not have the same behaviors.

You see, if you try to adopt a behavior change with traditional means “consciously” ....your conscious mind will be hesitant and fight the change. Your conscious mind will say things like -- I cannot help it - I will never change -- I think that will be difficult -- that would require new behaviors -- I’ll just go along the same way -- and so on --- but by working with your subconscious - we by pass the conscious mind arguments and what takes hold in the subconscious mind must be realized. Your conscious mind will then automatically adopt the subconscious behaviors to achieve your goal. It happens automatically.

A suggestion received is like planting a seed into the soil of you subconscious mind. And like a seed that grows under the soil, once roots take hold, the positive suggestions will pop up with no effort on your part. These thoughts from your subconscious will effect your conscious thoughts with no effort on your part causing you to take action.

This 5 Steps to Self Hypnosis Session will teach you the techniques to implant your own customized suggestion to yourself. Anytime. Anywhere. And as often as you choose.

We’re so confident you’ll will benefit from the The 5 Steps to Self Hypnosis program we offer, we back our program you purchase with 100% guarantee. After using the CD’s for 21 days and you feel you are not happy with the product just send the CD back and we will refund the price you paid. It’s that simple!!
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