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Smoke Free Self Hypnosis CD

Smoke Free Self Hypnosis CD

Smoke Free Self Hypnosis CD
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The Free Mind Center provides Quit Smoking Information and a stop smoking program to help smokers Stop Smoking. Recognized by the American Medical Association, hypnotherapy is the only effective, craving free and permanent way to become a non smoker. Hypnosis will help you quit smoking.

Congratulations on your decision.

The truth is that the best time to become a non-smoker is when it feels right for you. Our program will teach you how to quit smoking with our stop smoking program. All you need to do is listen to our CD and follow the simple things we ask you to do and you will become a non smoker.

The dangers of smoking are enormous. Smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. You do not have special immunity. Smoking can kill you.

Throughout the country smoking is not only becoming unacceptable, but laws are now creating bans on smoking in all public places. We are pleased to be able to offer our effective and safe solution worldwide.

Not only is smoking unacceptable, but often a smoker is not aware of the odor that permeates their clothing, car, home and how it affects your loved ones that don’t smoke. The stains on your teeth, your bad breath and the unnecessary expense is reason enough to seek a method on how to quit smoking.

Our program addresses all of the excuses that prevent a smoker to take the next step. Just reading this information sets you 10 times closer to becoming a non-smoker.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Our program addresses the excuse of:

1. Weight gain.

You may hope that you will not gain any weight when you stop smoking. This is not the case. You should fully expect to gain weight, but not more than 1–2 pounds once you become a non–smoker.

It is a fact that smoking causes your cells to dehydrate. Just take a look at the skin quality of a 40–year smoker compared to a non smoker. When you become a non smoker your body is going to naturally re-hydrate those cells. This is not fat or "water retention." It is the water your cells require to be healthy. You will discover that your skin will have a younger and healthier glow.

2. The fear of feeling a “sense of loss.”

The average person will experience a void. You may “think” you’ll panic and this means that you want a cigarette!" This connection is false. If you notice a feeling of loss, it just means that you are noticing a void! If you do experience a void, it indicates that our stop smoking program is working.

A sense of loss is good. Although this may feel empty, know that a new life will fill in what seems to be a void… one may recall the old Zen saying… “You must empty your cup… to make room for more to fill in.” How can a new way begin if the old way does not end?”

You will look forward to having fresh breath, and fresh smelling clothing. Your food will taste better as your taste buds will be cleaner. You will feel healthier and have more energy. Your car will smell fresh. You will enjoy the extra money not wasted on cigarettes. You will look forward to your clean healthy lungs. You will look forward to the joy of saying when offered a cigarette, “no thanks, I don’t smoke.”

Understand the power you have. You are able to create anything in your life. You choose for yourself, you choose freedom, you choose happiness. You have made the decision and feel the power.

Everything you need to become a non smoker is on our Stop Smoking CD. All you need to do is want to quit. Once this is your decision alone (and not what someone else wants you to do) and you feel you are ready, we suggest you order our stop smoking CD.
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